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Applied Maths

Applied Maths is a niche subject, taken by less than 2,000 Leaving Certificate candidates each year. Most students who take Applied Maths also take Physics and higher Maths which helps as there is a big overlap between the three courses.  Applied Maths in Hewitt College is a popular option as an extra subject, as it is not available in all schools.

As there is no restriction on subject choices at Hewitt College, students that are interested in Science and STEM subjects may choose all or any of the following : Agricultural Science, Applied Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics.

Complementary subjects: Physics, higher Maths, Design and Communication Graphics.

Availability at Hewitt College

  • Full Time
  • Leaving Cert Applied Maths: Higher

Our Leaving Cert Programme has full time 4th Year, 5th Year and 6th Year classes, and includes Applied Maths as a core subject.

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