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In Hewitt College, we study the Later Modern Course (1815 to 1993). This is a wide course, offering many options. Dr. Eleanor Solon, Leaving Certificate textbook author, specialises in the following topics:

Section 1, document-based questions on three case studies;

Section Two, Irish History (1870-1914 and 1912-1949);

and Section Three, European History (1870-1914).

The research topic project(allocated 20% of the overall marks) is fully completed in 5th year.

Complementary Subjects: English, Politics and Society (available September 2019), Religion.

Availability at Hewitt College

  • Full Time
  • Weekly Grinds
  • Leaving Cert History: Higher

Our Leaving Cert Programme has full time 4th Year, 5th Year and 6th Year classes, and includes History as a core subject.

Grinds or Evening Classes in History are regularly available for the following exams.

  • Leaving Cert History: Higher
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