Frequently Asked Questions

We are very happy to hear about the Government easing restrictions.

But here at Hewitt College, we will be just as vigilant as before! Our staff and students register and complete health check questionnaires at the start of the day, there are hand sanitising stations all over campus, and both staff and students are wearing masks in the building!

Also, for our students who can’t come to school, we are live-streaming every class so not one student falls behind!

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An initial, non-refundable deposit of €1000 is payable to secure a student’s place in Hewitt College. This deposit does not entitle a student to attend classes.

The fee payment must be submitted to the office before the class commencement date. In the event of a cancelled application for any reason, Hewitt College will retain the full €1000 deposit.

If the student leaves after the commencement of the academic year, Hewitt College will retain the deposit of €1000 and a proportionate amount of the fees. There is no refund of fees for students who leave after January 1 of the academic year.

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Hewitt College is a private secondary school in Cork offering full-time Leaving Certificate Programmes. Cited by the Irish Times as “the most successful grinds school in the state”, Hewitt College boasts an extraordinary teaching staff, dedicated students, and a diverse range of subjects allowing students to tailor their studies to their Leaving Cert goals.

Not all students are accepted into Hewitt College. This is vital if we are to meet the needs of those students who have entrusted their future to us.

Our teachers are diligent; however, this will not compensate if you are unwilling to make the effort required. Should you be prepared for this undertaking, then we will provide you with an environment which is centred around your abilities, needs and points requirements.

We expect you to follow the rules of Hewitt College and work to the best of your ability. In return, we will do our utmost to help you achieve your aims.

Hewitt College is located in the center of Cork City! With the current address as 24 St Patrick’s Hill, Cork, T23 K125

Here at Hewitt, we use a hybrid model to show what available subjects we have for online teaching and online learning.

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