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Extensive notes for all courses are provided, offering sample questions & solutions, exam technique and strategies to maximise grades. Our expert teachers are textbook authors, Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate exam correctors and publishing company consultants – we know our subject area very well and will do our best to ensure that you do too!

Mathematics may be seen as the science of magnitude, number, shape, space, and their relationships and also as a universal language based on symbols and diagrams. It involves the handling (arrangement, analysis, manipulation and communication) of information, the making of predictions and the
solving of problems through the use of a language that is both concise and accurate. Find more information about the subject here!
Physics is the most mathematical of the Science options, with a strong emphasis on problem-solving using formulas. Students are also expected to learn precise definitions and experiments. Physics aims to enhance a student’s ability to observe, to think logically and understand scientific method. Students will need to be able to visualise the problems before they can apply the mathematical reasoning required to solve the problem. The questions are not asked in the straightforward manner of Biology or Agricultural Science. Find more information about the subject here!
Chemistry is a very popular option here at Hewitt College, as it opens up a wide range of STEM courses and careers to our students. Chemistry examines mathematical calculations, knowledge of experiments and requires very precise definitions. Find more information about the subject here!
The course is diverse and covers everything from Cell Biology to the Human Body to Ecology and Plants. It is a subject that requires lots of learning. However, at Hewitt College, most of the course is covered in 5th year, which allows students ample time to revise and reinforce course content. Find more information about the subject here!
English is a core subject, required to fulfil entry requirements for college. Higher English can be intensive, due to the extensive nature of the course, which includes poetry, reading comprehension, essay writing and a comparative study of three pieces of literature|film. Find more information about the subject here!
We pride ourselves in Hewitt College on the excellence of our modern languages departments. You will be taught by Leaving Certificate textbook author Patricia McGrath, and all full-time students have weekly one-to-one French oral classes with our native-speaking French tutor, Antoine Madiot. Find more information about the subject here!
This is a popular option, particularly for students who sing and|or play one or more instruments to a high level. Most students opt for 50% evaluation for Performance, however, the combined option of Music technology (25%) and Performance (25%) is also available to our students in Hewitt College. Find more information about the subject here!

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