Hewitt College is a private secondary school in Cork offering full-time Leaving Certificate Programmes. Cited by the Irish Times as “The most successful grinds school in the state”

Hewitt College boasts an extraordinary teaching staff, dedicated students and a diverse range of subjects allowing students to tailor their studies to their Leaving Certificate goals.

Hewitt College Class Tour

Our Commitment

  • Teachers available for advice, consultation and help with difficulties.
  • Continuous assessment to ensure that you are making constant progress during the academic year.
  • Regular parental contact – regular reports and parent-teacher meetings.

Your Commitment

Not all students are accepted into Hewitt College. This is vital if we are to meet the needs of those students who have entrusted their future to us.

Our teachers are diligent; however, this will not compensate if you are unwilling to make the effort required. Should you be prepared for this undertaking, then we will provide you with an environment which is centred around your abilities, needs and points requirements.

We expect you to follow the rules of Hewitt College and work to the best of your ability. In return, we will do our utmost to help you achieve your aims.

What is a typical day in Hewitt College?

  • School begins at 8.40 a.m. each day
  • Morning break: 10.40 a.m.- 10.55 a.m.
  • Lunchtime: 12.55 p.m. – 1.35 p.m.

Do students of Hewitt College wear a Uniform?

  • At Hewitt College there is no uniform.
  • Dress code – comfortable yet respectable.


We provide a list of carefully selected accommodation for students who do not live within a commuting distance of the school.  This list is available on request.

Applying to Hewitt College

If you are interested in applying to Hewitt College or learning more, please see our Contact Page to request an appointment, or please call 021 4550430 or email admin@hewittcollege.ie to book a private appointment.


“ Thank you so so much for the great year. Hewitt is an amazing school, with such supportive and passionate teachers. I would definitely recommend it to anyone…The effort that you and the rest of the teachers put into your subjects is incredible…genuinely.”


“Thank you so so so much ….I’m delighted!”


“Such an amazing result – all the hard work has paid off. Another chapter over and a new one beginning. Thank you for all your help and guidance.”


“A huge thank you to all the teachers and staff for helping, guiding and advising J throughout the last year. Thank you for simplifying Chemistry so much that J now loves it. J is thrilled with her results. We are so proud of her and very hopeful of a Pharmacy offer on Monday”


“I can’t believe that G got an H1 in Construction! Karl is an amazing teacher and so willing to help in every way. G is over the moon! Please tell Karl we are singing his praises!”


“543 points …he should get his first choice with 100 points to spare!”


“Just to say thank you so much. I cannot thank you enough for all the support and belief. C has learned so much about herself which is invaluable…Thank you so so so much from the bottom of my heart.”


“I want to thank you sincerely for everything that you’ve done for me over the past two years. Thank you for correcting my answers, (even when they were complete waffle!) and thank you for being so patient and constantly encouraging me…Thank you again.”


“Thank you so much for your help. I am pretty certain that I wouldn’t have gotten that Leaving Cert score without you!”


“We are so pleased with his results.”

“Thanks Trish for all the hard work! It really paid off!”

“Thank you so much for all your help, I’m absolutely thrilled. I can’t believe I got a H2 in French!”

“Thank you so much for your kindness and support to D and to us.”


“Thank you, and everyone there, for T’s “best years at school ever!!!” You listened to him and encouraged him and I thank you for that. He is delighted with his results. The school has been exemplary in its care and tuition.“


“Thank you so much to all the staff of Hewitt College. D had a fantastic year with you.“


“We are delighted that M did such a good Leaving Cert. This was made possible by the inspiring and dedicated teachers, watchful eye of the always pleasant and approachable Aishling and your own excellent advice. He comfortably achieved his dream course. M also made lovely friends and in his own words from the day he arrived he felt ‘seen’. Sincere thanks for everything.“


“He has spent the last two years amongst people who have cared for him and treated him with great kindness and respect…Hewitt has given him back his confidence. He is now a very happy young man who knows who he is. We can never thank you and your team enough. You understand very well what education is about and you have created a fantastic school. Our son will always look back on Hewitt as the best of his school days.”


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