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Hewitt College, Cork is a school of academic excellence for Transition Years, 5th years, 6th years, and Repeat Leaving Certificate students, with a proven track record since the year 2000. We cater to students who aspire to maximise their academic potential and progress to further education.

Our success is based on hard work and commitment. In short, there is no substitute for hard work, and this is reflected in our teaching and learning culture. Our focus is exam-driven, and we ensure that the necessary material is covered, with students supported by individualised timetable, supervised study during the school day, evening and weekends, revision courses and guided by our careers programme. You will have access to a wide range of subjects so that you may choose subjects that will suit your strengths, interests and maximise your CAO points total.

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Accounting is commonly seen as the mathematical side of business and this subject attracts the students who enjoy working with numbers. Not only do students learn the principles of bookkeeping, they will learn how to interpret and analyse these figures. Find more information about the subject here!

Unlike most other subjects, most of the marks for Leaving Certificate Art have been awarded by the time the June exams come around. Students complete a project, worth 50% of their overall mark over a twelve-week period, usually completing in April. Find more information about the subject here!

Many students are unaware of the many college courses that require a Leaving Certificate Science subject. The vast majority of students in Hewitt College study at least one Science subject with Biology being a popular choice. The course is diverse and covers everything from Cell Biology to the Human Body to Ecology and Plants. It is a subject that requires lots of learning. However, at Hewitt College, most of the course is covered in 5th year, which allows students ample time to revise and reinforce course content. Find more information about the subject here!

Business is a popular option. While it may be helpful to have studied Business Studies at Junior Cert level, it is not necessary. Business is a factual subject that requires lots of learning. At Hewitt College, students sit weekly tests to ensure that the work is covered gradually, allowing for better retention and of course, less stress! Find more information about the subject here!

Construction Studies is a “hands-on” subject, which involves working with tools and machinery on materials like wood, metals and plastic. It is the study of buildings and the built environment. Find more information about the subject here!

Chemistry is a very popular option here at Hewitt College, as it opens up a wide range of STEM courses and careers to our students. Chemistry examines mathematical calculations, knowledge of experiments and requires very precise definitions. Find more information about the subject here!

DCG has taken the place of Technical Graphics at Leaving Certificate. This subject offers students the opportunity to visualise and understand information presented either verbally or graphically. Students will develop problem solving and creative thinking skills and are required to use 2D and 3D graphics. Find more information about the subject here!

Economics is suited to students who have a genuine interest in how the economy works as a whole. It involves topics such as wealth, finance, the recession and the banking sector. Studying Economics gives students a greater understanding of the world in which they live in. Find more information about the subject here!

English is a core subject, required to fulfil entry requirements for college. Higher English can be intensive, due to the extensive nature of the course, which includes poetry, reading comprehension, essay writing and a comparative study of three pieces of literature|film. Find more information about the subject here!

French is nationally, by far the most popular choice as a third language with almost 26,000 students choosing French as their foreign language for Leaving Certificate in 2018. Find more information about the subject here!

Geography is a popular option for students of Hewitt College. This is a wide course, as in addition to the core components of Physical Environment and Regional Geography, one elective unit must be covered. Our Geography teacher at Hewitt College, Dr. Eleanor Solon, is a Leaving Certificate textbook author. Find more information about the subject here!

German is the second most popular European language, and is growing in popularity. Like French, the examination consists of an oral exam, an aural section and a written examination. German is a popular choice at Hewitt College and our students perform at the highest level in Leaving Certificate. Find more information about the subject here!

At Hewitt College, very few students drop back to ordinary level, success rates are high, and most importantly, our students have a firm grasp of mathematical concepts. This is vital to their education and future career prospects, as many of our students will pursue STEM college courses. Find more information about the subject here!

In Hewitt College, we study the Later Modern Course (1815 to 1993). This is a wide course. Find more information about the subject here!

In Hewitt College, Home Economics is a popular option for both our male and female students. The course is divided into two sections; the project, (20%) and the written examination in June. The project is completed in 5th Year which allows our students to focus solely on the written examination in 6th year. Find more information about the subject here!

Here at Hewitt College, students have regular one-to-one oral classes with members of the Irish department so that they can maximise their potential in the Oral Examination, worth a massive 40%. As well as course work classes, they also have weekly aural classes. Our 6th year teacher, Ms Elaine Hammond, is an experienced State Examination corrector and Oral Examination Examiner. Written work is regularly assigned, corrected and returned. Find more information about the subject here!

This is a popular option, particularly for students who sing and|or play one or more instruments to a high level. Most students opt for 50% evaluation for Performance, however, the combined option of Music technology (25%) and Performance (25%) is also available to our students in Hewitt College. Find more information about the subject here!

Technology is a “hands-on” subject, which involves working with tools and machinery on materials like metals, plastic and timber and electronics. Examination of the subject has two components; a student project (allocated 50% of the overall marks) and a theory-based examination sat in June, as part of the main timetabled Leaving Certificate examinations. Find more information about the subject here!

Physics is the most mathematical of the Science options, with a strong emphasis on problem-solving using formulas. Students are also expected to learn precise definitions and experiments. Physics aims to enhance a student’s ability to observe, to think logically and understand scientific method. Students will need to be able to visualise the problems before they can apply the mathematical reasoning required to solve the problem. The questions are not asked in the straightforward manner of Biology or Agricultural Science. Find more information about the subject here!

Politics & Society is a great Leaving Certificate subject to take if you have an interest in areas such as Law, Politics, Sociology, History, Geography, English, Anthropology, Sustainable Development, Philosophy, or Media Studies. Find more information about the subject here!

We pride ourselves in Hewitt College on the excellence of our modern languages departments. You will be taught by our experienced Spanish teacher, Maria Martinez Galvez. Written work is corrected and returned on a weekly basis. Find more information about the subject here!


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