BIOLOGY | Higher Level | Full Time | Courses

Many students are unaware of the many college courses that require a Leaving Certificate Science subject. The vast majority of students in Hewitt College study at least one Science subject with Biology being a popular choice. The course is diverse and covers everything from Cell Biology to the Human Body to Ecology and Plants. It is a subject that requires lots of learning. However, at Hewitt College, most of the course is covered in 5th year, which allows students ample time to revise and reinforce course content.

Our students are regularly tested on the material, ensuring that they don’t fall behind. Class examinations and examination paper practice is key to our continued exam success.

Biology as an extra subject for students not attending Hewitt College is a very popular option, as it is very achievable to cover the course with one weekly class, particularly for a student beginning in 5th year.

As there is no restriction on subject choices at Hewitt College, students that are interested in Science and STEM subjects may choose all or any combination of the following: Agricultural Science, Applied Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics.