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English is a core subject, required to fulfill matriculation requirements for college. Higher English can be intensive, due to the extensive nature of the course, which includes poetry, reading comprehension, essay writing and a comparative study of three pieces of literature / film.

Written work is assigned and corrected on a weekly basis by Maria Murphy, an experienced teacher and State Examination corrector.

Complementary subjects : History, Religion, Politics and Society (available in 2018).

Availability at Hewitt College

  • Full Time
  • Weekly Grinds
  • Courses
  • Leaving Cert English: Higher
  • Leaving Cert English: Ordinary

Our Leaving Cert Programme has full time 4th Year, 5th Year and 6th Year classes, and includes English as a core subject.

English is currently available as a weekly grind:

Grinds or Evening Classes in English are regularly available for the following exams.

  • Leaving Cert English: Higher

English is available on the following upcoming courses:

Courses in English for the following exams are regularly available.

  • Leaving Cert English: Higher
  • Junior Cert English: Higher
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