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Politics & Society is a new Leaving Cert subject, which was first examined in June 2018.

Politics & Society is a great Leaving Certificate subject to take if you have an interest in areas such as Law, Politics, Sociology, History, Geography, English, Anthropology, Sustainable Development, Philosophy, or Media Studies.

Assessment: The subject assessment consists of a final written examination worth 80% of the marks made up of three sections (short questions, data analysis, and two short essays) and a coursework component, a Citizenship Project Report, worth 20% of the marks available for the subject.

Course Topics:It is a broad course which has a wide range of topics, including sustainable development, globalization, multiculturalism, gender equality, political and social theories, understanding executive branches, and human rights.

Research Project: Students will begin work on the project in March of 5th year. The development of the research project will typically move through a number of stages: Design stage, Data collection stage (in which learners will collect data such as administering surveys, carrying out interviews, or detailing observations), Data analysis stage, and finally the Write-up stage.

Complementary subjects: Geography, English, and History.