6th Year | Full-Time Course

supervised study open evenings and weekends

During this vital year we can help you to maximise your potential.

  • With our wide range of subjects, many of which can be successfully studied in one year, you can choose the subjects for which you have an aptitude. This is particularly beneficial for repeat students who may be dropping English, Maths, Irish or another language subject.
  • Our teachers excel in their subject areas, and you will obtain maximum benefit from their skills.
  • Language students must sit an oral examination in March/April of their Leaving Certificate year. This exam is worth between 25% and 40% your overall grade. From September onwards, language students will receive intensive tutorials. These will help you to feel competent, relaxed and confident during your oral exam.
  • Students aiming for an ‘A’ grade will be given extra revision work or practise questions to complete.
  • CAO points are reviewed before and after Christmas to ensure you are on target to achieve your goal.
  • Individualised study plans are available for any student who needs help in this area.

Continuous assessment is a key part of the academic programme in Hewitt College. The aims of this process are:

– To familiarise you with the material, layout and timing of exams
– To ensure that you study and revise continuously for each subject
– To allow us to monitor your progress and remedy problems